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Window decal size chart

Window decal size chart

Any windows can be used as a round-the-clock tool for effective advertising. The easiest way to do this is to order special decals with the necessary information. They are easy to place and remove if it is necessary. Image design development takes several days. Stickers production will cost several times cheaper compared to an advertising sign.

Which size Track Outlines should you get?

  • 2-3″ Best for helmets and phones, 1.5mm line width
  • 3-4″ Good for a tablets, laptops, or vehicles, 2.5mm line width
  • 5-8″ Nice and big on vehicles, 4.5mm line width
  • 9″+ Car Haulers, Trailers, anything else you want! (9″ 7.5mm line width, 12″ 10mm line width, 18″ 15mm line width)

Features of window stickers and their types

First you need to decide on which side of the window the sticker will be placed: external or internal. Modern technologies allow us to make sure that the image pasted from the inside does not lose brightness. For this purpose, a special print is used, which permits not to depend on glare and brightness of sunlight.

The type of the transparent vinyl sticker depends on the customer’s goals. We are engaged in the manufacture of advertising media for windows that can partially or completely cover the surface. The first stage of the work is connected with the production of a sticker. In order not to make a mistake in the size, our craftsmen come to the facility for preliminary approval.

Process peculiar properties

We are constantly working on business development, so we use high-quality equipment of world-famous brands. Also, the quality of the products directly depends on the adhesive materials used. The image of the selected shape is applied to a transparent film that meets the requirements of safety and environmental friendliness.

The peculiarity of the stickers, which are placed from the inside, is that the drawing should be printed in a mirror image. The adhesive layer is applied to the same side where the image is located. The window display is designed in two stages. First, the sticker is applied to the surface and smoothed with a squeegee. Then a second layer is put. It is represented by a white vinyl substrate. As a result, the drawing becomes more noticeable on both sides. But the interior will not be visible from the outside.

Stickers on transport windows

Among our clients there are legal organizations that have a whole fleet of cars. We also provide our services to individuals. By placing a vinyl sticker on the car window, you can benefit from free advertising of products or services. Private transport can be decorated with removable stickers. We use high-quality film and guarantee a long service life.

Before completing the order, we will be able to show how the design will look on the advertising layout. You can order services for the development of effective advertising with its subsequent placement on transport from us. For the safety of drivers and passengers, stickers are recommended to be applied only to the rear windows. They can also be placed on the body, hood or roof of the car.

Types of stickers for vehicle windows

With the help of plotter cutting, we perform applications using vinyl film. They can be represented not only by images, but also by letters and advertising inscriptions. You can place them on different parts of the car. The film is characterized by brightness and increased abrasion resistance. In addition, the material has been tested for resistance to mechanical damage and the effects of various weather factors.

If it is necessary to make full-color images, then they are performed on a film with a white base. After drawing, the stickers are laminated. The lamination process allows you to extend the operational life of the advertising sticker. We are engaged in the implementation of complex design orders and combine different types of materials in our work to achieve the best result. We will be glad to see you among our clients.


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