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Standard Yard Signs




H Wire Stakes

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Product Price 9$


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Product specs

Have you been looking for the right kind of Yard signs to create awareness about the services you render? Then our Standard yard Signs are just for you! They are perfectly suited to help direct traffic, promote your events and can better still be adapted for a wide range of purposes which you might wish to use them for.


  • Made from a perfect blend of corrugated plastic and other alloy metals, Our Standard Yard signs are lightweight but durable, able to withstand constant impressions of stress and strain with use.
  • These standard Yard signs are screen printed with perfectly complementary Ultra-violet environmentally compatible inks, and granting proper visibility for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • They can be creatively placed in a wide array of outdoor locations—such as your front yard or a well-travelled street corner—as well as strategically crafted in conspicuously few meters away from the highway! It all depends on what you want, and the effect you wish to elicit with these Yard signs.
  • Interestingly, our standard Yard signs are weather/moisture resistant! although it is advised that they are removed during extreme weather occurrences such as very breezy/windy conditions.
  • With proper use, our standard Yard signs should last you about 2 years in duration (with outdoor use)

Our Offer

Banner Printing San Diego has in store for you, diverse kinds of standard yard signs which have been crafted with a suitable state of the art printing process while utilizing top quality materials. Also, you can be rest assured of the affordability of our Yard signs in the face of prioritized quality. Our Standard Yard signs can easily be installed with sturdy wire ground stakes.

Product Price 9$

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